Thursday, January 18, 2018

Iota is one of my chosen cryptocurrencies to follow

It's crypto crazy out there.  I'm kicking myself as I watched the launch of Bitcoin and thought to myself that this cryptocurrency is going to revolutionise the world. But did nothing.  Similarly, I thought Apple at $16 in ~ 1996 would be a good price to buy in at.  Unfortunately I didn't buy.  For starters international trading wasn't so easy and my mate told me not to invest based on emotions (I loved Apple and hated Microsoft).

So I'm a little late to this party.  However the numbers investing in crypto is only in the low millions.  And with the advent of new coins, tokens or other cryptos still launching (sorry, I'm not familiar with all terminology yet), there is still plenty of scope.  Infact I don't think this will settle down any time soon.

I aim to discuss more about crypto over time.  I'm only going to write a short post for now with the intention of getting some 'free' IOTA for blogging about the site -  At least I hope there is any left.  Its a great crypto so I'm not that worried if all I get is kudos for my actions.

I'm pursuing IOTA as I believe it is one of the stand out cryptos.  I'll expand on these points over time (to reinforce or to show how I was wrong):

  •  Bitcoin fails as a currency due to problems discussed in many other places, including the cost of transactions, the time to complete a transaction, the throughput of transactions and the energy cost associated
  • IOTA does not have any of these problems - free and quick transactions, thousands of transactions per second and can be done very cheaply
  • Discussed at
  • As a true potential cryptocurrency it will surpass bitcoin in value.  It has a long way to go so there is plenty of potential growth, making it a good investment.
More to come ...